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Ashcan chic
Term used in the United States c.2005 for a "homeless" style, similar to boho-chic, that was initially popularised in Greenwich Village. Its main features were floppy hats, sunglasses and "dust-catcher" skirts. Bobo (i.e. bourgeois-Bohemian) chic was used in a similar sense.

Beach chic
Beach chic" was the title of an article in 2006 by the Times fashion editor Lisa Armstrong about shopping for accessories to accompany a bikini. These included a "cover-up" (e.g. a kaftan), flat sandals, a hat, a fake tan. See also Seaside chic.
Style of fashion style in the early 21st century which drew on earlier Bohemian and hippie styles.
Casual chic
Casual chic (or chic casual) is a difficult term to define, but can perhaps best be described as "dressing down" in a stylish way. skinny jeans, "longline, clingy jerseys", "statement" bags and chunky jewellery, slouchy sweaters and hoodies with comfortable flats. Easy chic ("breezy blouses, slouchy knits and sexy denim" ) has similar connotations.
Geek Chic
The look of a computer nerd.
Greek Chic
"Greek Chic" is a term applied to a style of dress that is popular in the Mediterranean and often employed by Greek shipowners in particular.
Goth chic
High Street chic
Applied to the sort of "everyday" sense of style that might be spotted in any metropolitan or provincial setting; most likely to be associated with prevailing "shop window" fashions.
Hippie chic

Parisian chic
Frequently applied to anything stylish connected with the French capital Paris or to the style of French celebrities. Variants included "Left Bank" or "Right Bank" chic. To a large extent, it refers to upper-class, or upper-middle-class, young men and women who are well-bred, or appear so, with good bones, slim bodies and a sophisticated but restrained and elegant sense of style.
Rock-girl chic
Rock-girl chic" has meant different things during differing periods of music and fashion, but was often associated with a hippie image and was similar enough as a phrase to the slightly patronising "rock chick" to convey a sense of being a "groupie".
Rural chic
Seaside chic
"Stripes, shorts, suits - seaside chic for the girl in every port";Seaside chic ... bright, bold colours, vibrant prints and stylish accessories rule the waves".

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