4 buoni usi per le paillettes / 4 uses for sequins

1) Le paillettes possono essere usate per confondere i nemici:
Sequins can be used to confuse your enemies:One of the most prominent traits of sequins is their ability to reflect light in thousands of directions. This can be confusing and disorienting to someone who was carrying on with a violent crime, not expecting to be blindsided by millions of sparkles. When they are suddenly confronted by your shimmering shield of radiance, they won’t know what to do.
2) Le paillettes possono essere un buon modo per camuffarsi:
Sequins can be used as camouflage: You’re probably thinking “sequins are the exact opposite of camouflage,” but you’re wrong. What if you are in a landscape made of sequins? I bet you didn’t think of that. And that’s exactly the issue here. No one ever expects to find themselves in a landscape made entirely out of sequins, so if that ever happens, they will be caught off guard and be totally vulnerable.
3) Le paillettes sono un'ottima protezione dai proiettili:
Sequins provide a very slight amount of protection from bullets:
Did you know that sequins are more resistant to bullets than fabric alone? They are. They aren’t exactly bulletproof, but they can very slightly reduce the speed of a bullet entering your body. Take that, bullets.
4) Le paillettes sono commestibili!
You can eat sequins!
The metabolic usefulness of sequins has yet to be studied, but if babies and dogs are any indication, they can be eaten.
P.S. Stefano, Domenico, Giorgio, Valentino, Karl, Miuccia etc lo so che leggete questo blog quotidianamente. è proprio per questo motivo che mi scuso per la demenzialità di questo post, ma a parlare continuamente di trendz, outfitz, locationz, must have e eventz è un pò noiosetto, eh.
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